Cross-Border Trade Dispute
Cross-Border Trade Dispute

How Do I Take Legal Action Against a Chinese Company?

You need to determine where you are going to sue, and what law is applicable to your case. If you are planning to file a lawsuit in China, then we have prepared 8 tips for you in this article to help you evaluate your potential legal action.

Sue a Company in China: How Do Chinese Judges Treat Evidence?

What evidence should you prepare? Documentary evidence (physical documents), electronic documents, and recordings are all necessary in this regard.

Debt Collections in China: Enforce Your US Judgment in China and You Will Have a Surprise!

Good news for the creditors with a US judgment! Now, American civil/commercial judgments are highly likely to be recognized and enforced in China.

How Do I Get a Refund of My Deposit or Prepayment From a Chinese Company?

There are three things you can do to get your deposit or advance payment back from a defaulting or fraudulent Chinese company: (1) negotiate a refund, (2) claim liquidated damages, or (3) terminate the contract or order.

How Do I Get My Money Back From a Chinese Supplier? – Debt Collection in China

If a Chinese supplier commits any default or fraud, there are four measures you can take to get your money back: (1) negotiation, (2) complaint, (3) debt collection, and (4) litigation or arbitration.

How Does Alibaba Dispute Work: Alibaba’s Role and Its Impartiality

If you want to resolve disputes through Alibaba, you need to know what role Alibaba will play and what position it will take. Alibaba provides dispute resolution services for both buyers and sellers. In this dispute resolution system, Alibaba plays two roles in fact: service provider and judge.

How Does Alibaba Dispute Work: Framework

Alibaba provides Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) through its Complaint Center. If you want to resolve disputes through Alibaba, you may encounter the following four stages: online mediation, making decisions, enforcing decisions, and raising objections to decisions.

8 Tips on How to Sue a Company in China

You can sue a company in a Chinese court. Even if you are not in China, you can still do so with the help of Chinese lawyers. To get prepared, you need to know, to start with, whom you can sue and then identify its legal name in Chinese, as well as the address thereof.

Do I Have the Legal Right (Standing) To Sue When a China-Related Trade Dispute Arises?

As long as you are ‘directly affected’ pursuant to Chinese law, you may file a lawsuit with the court. First, you must be directly affected by the defendant. Second, you must be a natural person or a legal entity.

Arbitration vs. Litigation: Which Is Better in Resolving Disputes With Business Partners in China

The most important difference between litigation and arbitration in China is that judges and arbitrators have different ways of thinking.