Litigation in China
Litigation in China

Should the Judicial Documents Be Legalized or Notarized Before They Are Forwarded to the Chinese Central Authority?- Service of Process and Hague Service Convention Series (5)

No. According to The Hague Service Convention, the legalization or notarization of the judicial documents transferred between the Central Authorities is not necessary.

Is there any receipt after the Chinese Central Authority receives the request for service coming from foreign countries? – Service of Process and Hague Service Convention Series (4)

No. After the documents are received, they will be registered with a number, and then processed.

How Foreign Judicial Documents Are Served in China? – Service of Process and Hague Service Convention Series (1)

Under the Hague Service Convention, this is how the service of judicial documents issued by the foreign judicial authority works in China.

How to Use Recordings as Evidence in Litigation in China?

The recording of your conversation, though recorded without your permission, may well be submitted as evidence in Chinese courts. This may be quite different from the rules of evidence in some other countries.

How to Use Emails as Evidence in Litigation in China?

Email is the main communication tool in cross-border transactions. It is common, for instance, for many international trade contracts to be concluded, modified, performed or terminated directly by emails.

Submission of Foreign Official Documents to Chinese Courts Requires Notarization and Authentication-Sue a Company in China

The ‘foreign official documents’ here refer to official documents formed outside the territory of China.

How to Prove Your Claim in a Chinese court

In international trades, many traders do not always use formal contracts when doing business in China. Instead, they use simple purchase orders (POs) and proforma invoices (PIs), which do not cover all the details of the transaction.

WhatsApp/WeChat Messages as Evidence to Chinese Courts?

International business partners are getting increasingly accustomed to using WhatsApp or WeChat to reach an agreement, send orders, modify transaction conditions and confirm performance.

A One Minute Guide on Litigation in China or in Your Own Country

When you decide to sue a Chinese company, where will you file the lawsuit? China or your own country, provided that both have jurisdiction over your case?

Can I Ignore the Transaction If the Goods of the Chinese Supplier Are Poor-quality?

You’d better not turn your back on your deals with Chinese suppliers. You shall terminate your contract in accordance with reasonable procedures.

How Do I Take Legal Action Against a Chinese Company?

You need to determine where you are going to sue, and what law is applicable to your case. If you are planning to file a lawsuit in China, then we have prepared 8 tips for you in this article to help you evaluate your potential legal action.