Litigation in China
Litigation in China

Out Now: Win in Chinese Courts – Practice Guide to Civil Litigation in China

This open access book aims to provide an initial but comprehensive roadmap for the Chinese civil litigation system. It starts with some basic concepts of the Chinese judicial system (e.g., court system, case numbering, hierarchical trial system, etc.) and runs through the entire process and most aspects of civil litigation cases (e.g., jurisdiction, service of process, rules of evidence, enforcement, representative actions, etc.).

Should the Judicial Documents Be Legalized or Notarized Before They Are Forwarded to the Chinese Central Authority?- Service of Process and Hague Service Convention Series (5)

No. According to The Hague Service Convention, the legalization or notarization of the judicial documents transferred between the Central Authorities is not necessary.

Is there any receipt after the Chinese Central Authority receives the request for service coming from foreign countries? – Service of Process and Hague Service Convention Series (4)

No. After the documents are received, they will be registered with a number, and then processed.