General Introduction

General Introduction

Our Services

We provide China-related cross-border trade risk management and debt collection services.

Trade Dispute Resolution

We help you resolve disputes arising from the performance of trade contracts through litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, etc.

Debt Collection

We help you recover the deposit, advance payment, payment for goods or compensation from your Chinese business partners.

Judgments and Awards Collection

We help you enforce foreign court judgments and arbitral awards in China.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

We help insolvency administrators, creditors or debtors involved in the insolvency and restructuring of companies in China or the handling of insolvency estates in China.

Company Verification and Due Diligence

We help you understand your Chinese business partners so as to avoid fraud and loss.

Trade Contract Drafting and Review

We help you sign a trade contract enforceable in China to achieve your business goals.

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