China Factory and Supplier Scams & Frauds
China Factory and Supplier Scams & Frauds

Why Does the Lawyer Appointed by SINOSURE Ask Me to Pay Even in Case of Chinese Exporter’s Fraud?

Have you ever encountered with the situation where the lawyers appointed by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “SINOSURE”) to collect the payment for goods from you?

Can I Claim Compensation for the Loss That I Compensate My Customers All Caused by Chinese Supplier’s Fraud or Breach of Contract?

You should state in your contract such loss may be incurred in advance. As such, at least you should inform the supplier of such loss in the course of execution of the contract and seek his/her consent.

Find China Supplier’s Legal Name in Chinese to Avoid Scams

If you find a China supplier’s legal name in Chinese, you can initiate an action before a court or file a complaint against it. If not, you cannot do anything. All Chinese individuals and enterprises have their legal names in Chinese, and they have no legal or standard names in foreign languages.