About CJO Global

About CJO Global

About CJO Global

What Is CJO Global?

CJO Global is a website, where Yu Du Consulting publishes posts on China-related cross-border trade and debt collection, and accepts the entrustment of clients to provide services.

Yu Du Consulting, a company located in Beijing, is committed to providing consulting services in China-related cross-border trade risk management and debt collection.

‘Cross-border trade’ includes e-commerce trade. The cross-border e-commerce trade refers to not only trade conducted through e-commerce platforms and online trading websites, but also trade conducted through online communication methods such as emails, instant chat tools (eg. WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.), and social networking sites.

What Does It Do?

We can assist your business in China, if you:

  • do business with a manufacturer, supplier, trader, logistics provider, or online e-commerce platform in China,
  • encounter an international trade dispute with the above entities involving scam, fraud, breach of contract, IP infringement, product liability, and consumer protection, etc., or
  • wish to prevent these disputes from occurring in advance.

Our aim is to reduce and resolve cross-border trade disputes in order to improve the efficiency of cross-border trade and promote the prosperity of international trade.

To this end, we are exploring a mechanism in China-based cross-border trade to manage the risk, namely:

(A) Dispute prevention, aiming to help traders find trustworthy counterparties and enter into executable contracts before the transaction, and

(B) Dispute resolution and debt collection, aiming to help traders resolve disputes and receive compensation in an efficient and cost-effective manner after they occur.

For more information about our services in this field, please click here.

How Does It Work?

We believe that a perfect mechanism will not only protect the interests of all parties, but also improve the transparency and efficiency of international trade (offline or online), and ultimately promote the security and prosperity of international trade, etc.

While developing and improving a mechanism to achieve this aim, we remain open to all possible solutions. In other words, we wish to explore them together with everyone.

We invite you to share with us the troubles and disputes you have encountered in cross-border trade, and it would be great if you could provide the solutions that you have adopted or thought of.

We will summarize people’s encounters and ideas and then share them publicly with all. We will continue to publish discussions, articles, and reports relating to cross-border trade disputes, sharing problems and solutions so that more people can avoid unpleasant experiences and more people can properly prevent and resolve their disputes.

Why We Need CJO Global?

We are good at using our knowledge of China’s business, Chinese laws and China’s judicial system to manage cross-border trade risks for our clients.

Although the Chinese judicial system has become quite transparent and predictable in the civil and commercial field, due to cultural and language barriers, it remains a major challenge for companies and individuals around the world to resolve disputes under this system. Our team of experienced experts can bridge the cultural, language, and legal information gap.

In fact, since 2018, our founders Dr. Guodong Du and Dr. Meng Yu have established ‘China Justice Observer’(CJO), an English-language legal media outlet, in order to present the global audience with knowledge and information about the Chinese judicial system, especially in the field of civil and commercial dispute resolution. Our main goal of creating CJO is to make it less difficult for everyone to seek dispute resolution in China.

Now, in addition to this legal media, we have established ‘CJO Global’ to provide our clients with consulting services for cross-border trade risk management and debt collection in China.

Who Are We?

Our team includes the following members:

  1. Legal Professionals

They include lawyers practicing in various law firms and experts in law schools, who are specialized in China-related international trade, litigation and arbitration.

  1. Cross-border Trade Practitioner

They are insiders of Chinese factories, suppliers, logistics and e-commerce platforms, and understand how China’s cross-border trade works.

  1. Debt Collectors

They have experience in providing debt collection services for mainstream financial institutions in China, and are good at alternative debt collections beyond litigation and arbitration such as investigations, complaints, negotiations, and mediation.