About CJO Global

About CJO Global

About CJO Global

CJO Global is committed to providing China-related cross-border trade risk management and debt collection services.

Our Services Mainly Cover Six Areas

Four Reasons for Choosing CJO GLOBAL

  • Local Resources: We are well versed in local laws, cultures and business knowledge, and can mobilize necessary local resources, enabling us to provide our clients with more effective services.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: We are well versed in international business culture and practice, and fluent in several languages, ensuring more effective communication with our clients.
  • Insider Perspectives: Our experts have extensive working experience in top law firms and trading companies, and a good understanding of the business mode and real-time status of the market players in China, such as manufacturers, traders, importers, distributors, e-commerce platforms and counterfeit product manufacturers, enabling us to formulate more targeted strategies for our clients.
  • Client Choice: By the end of 2021, we have provided services to hundreds of clients from 58 countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Latin America, with a service repurchase rate of 32.6%.


CJO Global is a brand under Yu Du Consulting Co., Ltd. based in Beijing, China.

Currently, there are three brands launched by Yu Du Consulting, and each is operated by an independent team. Specifically:

  • CJO Global: committed to China-related international trade risk management and debt collection services.
  • CJO Family: committed to China-related international family matters services.
  • China Justice Observer: one of the most respected English-language media on Chinese laws, providing insights and information on China’s justice and dispute resolution. This is where we started from.