Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Debt Collection refers to our collection of overdue payments for you from your Chinese business partners.

What Are Overdue Payments

Overdue payments may include:

  • Refundable deposit and advance payment;
  • Payment for goods payable;
  • Compensation payable.

It should be noted that if your entitlement to the payment is still unsettled with your Chinese business partner, dispute resolution is required first. For that, we can provide you with the trade dispute resolution service. To learn about this service, click here.

How We Work

  • Out-of-Court Debt Collection (Amicable Debt Collection): we can notify your Chinese business partner of payment in Chinese on your behalf, or negotiate with it in Chinese on your behalf to procure its payment to you.
  • Legal Action: if the out-of-court debt collection fails, we can resort to Chinese courts or arbitration institutions as appropriate, and our in-house experts or lawyers will represent you in such litigation or arbitration.
  • Judgment or Arbitral Award Collection: after obtaining a judgment or award, if your Chinese business partner refuses to perform its obligations thereunder, we can collect the debt through the enforcement procedure and subject it to credit punishment.

For our services, please contact our Client Manager Susan Li (susan.li@yuanddu.com).

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