Trade Contract Drafting and Review

Trade Contract Drafting and Review

Trade Contract Drafting and Review

If you make a transaction with a company whose assets are mainly in China, you’d better enter into a transaction contract that can be executed in China. We can provide you with such contract templates, as well as customized contract drafting and review services.

Trade Contract Drafting and Review refers to the services where we draft contracts enforceable in China for you, or review such contracts for you.

Such contracts include International Sale Contract (Manufactured Goods), International Manufacturing Contract, OEM Contract, ODM Contract, NNN Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and Intellectual Property Agreement, etc.

We will also design the transaction structure for such contracts according to the behavior pattern of Chinese companies to prevent potential fraud and breaches.

For our services, please contact our Client Manager Susan Li(susan.li@yuanddu.com).

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