Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy
Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy

China Issues Guiding Opinion to Promote Circular Utilization of Retired Wind and Photovoltaic Equipment

China release directive to enhance circular use of retired wind and photovoltaic equipment. Aiming for sustainable resource utilization, the directive outlines key strategies and objectives for the renewable energy industry’s future growth and environmental responsibility.

Longi Green Energy Technology, a Chinese Photovoltaic Giant, Ventures into Hydrogen Energy

As a leading domestic provider of alkaline electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, Longi Green Energy Technology’s hydrogen subsidiary, Longi Hydrogen, has recently unveiled its next-generation ALK G-series alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment.

China’s Top 4 Silicon Material Companies: How Are They Reviving Their Glory Amidst Challenges?

Amidst a challenging 2023, China’s top silicon material companies – Tongwei, GCL-Poly, Xinte, and Daqo – exhibit mixed performance. Profits have been impacted by price declines, yet industry leaders Tongwei and Xinte maintain growth in revenue and sales volume. Their cost-effective strategies, diversification efforts, and rising prices offer optimism for the sector’s revival.