Guidelines for Conducting Due Diligence on Chinese Sellers in International Steel Trade

This guideline provides a comprehensive framework for buyers to perform due diligence on Chinese sellers before committing to contracts or making advance payments. It address common red flags such as customer complaints, fraudulent companies.

Examining China’s Steel Pipe Industry Export Trends in H1 2023

In the first half of 2023, the Chinese steel pipe industry has displayed remarkable growth in both production and export, defying some challenges in the global steel market. This report provides an analysis of the steel pipe production, exports, and the factors influencing this industry’s performance.

Behind China’s Steel Industry Crisis: Eroded Confidence and Challenging Trade

In the aftermath of China’s largest private property developer, China Evergrande, facing financial turmoil, the domino effect has reverberated through the closely linked steel industry. Amid the turmoil, an alarming wave of financial crises has hit the steel sector, which is intricately linked to real estate, leading to a slew of defaults.