China-Related Cross-Border Trade Dispute Resolution
China-Related Cross-Border Trade Dispute Resolution

Decoding the Turning Point: A Closer Look at China’s Recognition of Japanese Bankruptcy

This follow-up article focuses on the Chinese Court’s detailed review of the Shanghai International Corporation case in 2023, highlighting the significance of reciprocity in cross-border bankruptcy proceedings and underscoring China’s evolving approach to recognizing foreign judgments (See In re Shanghai International Corporation (2021) Hu 03 Xie Wai Ren No.1).

Case Analysis: Freight Forwarding Fees Dispute Amidst Civil Unrest

In a Shanghai Maritime Court ruling, a Chinese engineering company’s claim of force majeure due to civil unrest in Yemen was rejected, underscoring that force majeure events must directly relate to specific contractual breaches, establishing a crucial legal precedent.

Risk Management Before Contracting with Chinese Companies in Bulk Commodity Trade

The first step in risk management for bulk commodity trade is to proactively address potential risks before entering into contracts. To minimize risks, businesses must adopt proactive measures to lower, avoid, share, and control risks based on different situations.