Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Our Bankruptcy & Restructuring Practice provides services to insolvency administrators, creditors or debtors involved in the insolvency and restructuring of companies in China or the handling of insolvency estates in China.

How We Work

  • Filing Claims for Creditors: If your Chinese debtor is in bankruptcy or restructuring, we can assist you in filing claims with that creditor’s insolvency administrator and representing you in exercising the rights of creditors in Chinese bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Recovering Assets for Trustees, Bankruptcy Administrators or Liquidators: If you are a company in bankruptcy or liquidation outside of China while possessing assets in China, we can help you recover those assets.
  • Filing Bankruptcy for Creditors: If your Chinese debtor is insolvent, we can help you apply to the Chinese court to declare the creditor bankrupt, so as to recover your losses as much as possible.
  • Monitoring: If you are concerned that your Chinese partner may go into bankruptcy or liquidation, we can provide a company status monitoring service so that you can be the first to receive information about the company’s bankruptcy or liquidation.

For our services, please contact our Client Manager Susan Li (susan.li@yuanddu.com).

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