Verification and Due Diligence of China’s Company
Verification and Due Diligence of China’s Company

What is the company registration certificate in China?

In China, a company registration certificate is known as business license(营业执照, Ying Ye Zhi Zhao) , which is a document proving the legal establishment of a Chinese company.

Avoiding Fraud and Scams: What to Do When Your Chinese Supplier Is in An Abnormal Operation State?

This is a red flag. It means that you should verify the Chinese enterprise before signing the contract.

Avoiding Scams: Obtain Chinese Companies’ Legal Names in Chinese From Their Bank Accounts

If you only have the English name of a Chinese company, it is difficult for you to file a complaint or lawsuit against it. However, if this English name comes from the Chinese company’s bank account in China, it is OK.

Why You Need to Know Chinese Supplier’s Legal Name in Chinese?

Due to linguistic specificities of the Chinese language, different companies’ names in Chinese, according to their pronunciation, may be spelled exactly the same in English. It will be difficult for you to make a claim or collect a debt.

What Is China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System?

You can check or verify the basic information of Chinese companies on this official platform via the link ( The information here is the most authoritative and timely.

China Company Verification and Due Diligence: Which Is the Most Accurate English Name for A Chinese Company

The English name recorded in MOFCOM’s system of “Record-filing and Registration of Foreign Trade Operator” is the most accurate. The English names record-filed with Chinese banks are also relatively accurate.

China Company Verification and Due Diligence: Business Scope

You may inquire about the business scope of Chinese companies registered with China’s company registration authority, and then assess whether the Chinese company transacts with you beyond its business scope.