Debt Collection in China
Debt Collection in China

Is Amicable Debt Collection Legal in China?

In China, any institution can engage in debt collection activities without a license from the government. However, collecting the financial debt (mainly consumer debt) shall observe certain rules. There are no special restrictions for collecting commercial debt, i.e., non-financial debt.

What Happens to You if Your Chinese Debtor Goes Bankruptcy?

Your Chinese debtor can no longer pay off its debts to you alone. You shall be paid together with all of its creditors. You also need to declare your creditor rights to its bankruptcy administrator.

Investors of China’s Bonds: Go Ahead and Sue As Your Foreign Court Judgement Can Be Enforced in China

If there is a default on the bonds whose debtors or guarantors are based in mainland China, you can initiate an action before a court outside China and enforce the judgment in China.

Collecting Debts from Chinese Corporate Debtors: Better to Have Its Actual Controller Act as Guarantor in Advance

It is intended to prevent the company’s shareholders from escaping liabilities by hiding under the corporate veil of limited liability.

[WEBINAR] Turkey-China Debt Collection

Tuesday, 27 September 2022, 6:00-7:00 Istanbul Time (GMT+3)/11:00-12:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8)
Alper Kesriklioglu, Founder Partner of Antroya Consulting and Law Office (Turkey), and Chenyang Zhang, Partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm (China), will take participants on a journey to discover the landscape of debt collection in Turkey and China. With interactive discussion, we will explore efficient and practical strategies, methods and tools to collect payments.

Five Tips for Small Enterprises to Collect Debts in China

In practice, as an agency specializing in China-related debt collection, we have noticed that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often more likely to get into situations where they are owed money by their Chinese partners.

Is It Possible to Collect Debt from China If the Debtor Has Assets There?

What do you do as a creditor if you have a winning judgment against your debtor in a country other than the one where the debtor has assets or is located?

China Dismisses Application for Enforcing a US Judgment Due to Lack of Finality

Finality matters. In 2020, Wuxi Intermediate People’s Court of China dismissed an application for enforcing a US judgment, due to the lack of finality, in Wuxi Luoshe Printing & Dyeing Co. Ltd. v. Anshan Li et al. (2017).