Debt Collection in China
Debt Collection in China

Can Default Interest Awarded by the Foreign Arbitral Tribunal Be Enforced in China?

Enforcement of default interest awards from foreign arbitral tribunals in China is possible if the arbitration rules give the tribunal discretion to award default interest, and a recent case demonstrates that Chinese courts will support such claims even in the absence of a specific contractual clause on the payment of default interest.

Investors of China’s Bonds: Go Ahead and Sue As Your Foreign Court Judgement Can Be Enforced in China

If there is a default on the bonds whose debtors or guarantors are based in mainland China, you can initiate an action before a court outside China and enforce the judgment in China.

[WEBINAR] Turkey-China Debt Collection

Tuesday, 27 September 2022, 6:00-7:00 Istanbul Time (GMT+3)/11:00-12:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8)
Alper Kesriklioglu, Founder Partner of Antroya Consulting and Law Office (Turkey), and Chenyang Zhang, Partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm (China), will take participants on a journey to discover the landscape of debt collection in Turkey and China. With interactive discussion, we will explore efficient and practical strategies, methods and tools to collect payments.