Nigeria | What Do I Need to Know about Taxation of Recovered Funds in Nigeria?

Under Section 9 (1)(a-g) of the Company Income Tax Act, taxes apply to the profits of all the incomes accruing in, derived from, brought into, or received in Nigeria in respect of any trade or business, rent or any premium, dividends, interests, royalties, discounts, charges or annuities, annual profits, any amount deemed to be income or profits, fees or dues or allowances (wherever paid) for services rendered, any amount of profits or gains arising from acquisition and disposal of short-term money instruments.

Nigeria | What is Power of Attorney under Nigerian law?

Power of Attorney is a formal legal instrument, usually but not necessarily under seal (i.e., seal means deed), by which one Person, called the Donor, seised of an interest in a subject matter, appoints another person, called the Donee/Attorney, to act on behalf of the Donor generally or for specific purposes.

Incorporation of Companies and Registration of Corporate Organizations in Nigeria

Most businesses and enterprises are pioneered and propelled by natural human beings. However, for the purpose of common interest and expansion, businesses can also be advanced through artificial entities; companies or corporate bodies.

Turkey | Which Courts Usually Have Jurisdiction Over International Commercial Disputes? How Many Times of Appeals Are Allowed in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Commercial Code, and the Law on The Establishment, Duties and Authorities Of Court Of Judicial Jurisdiction And Regional Court, Turkish commercial courts have the jurisdiction over international commercial disputes.