Doing business in Nigeria: Pocket Guide for Foreigners
Doing business in Nigeria: Pocket Guide for Foreigners

Registration for taxation of Entities and taxation of Incomes in Nigeria Contd

On the other hand, corporate taxes payable for each year of assessment includes the payable sums upon the profits of any company accruing in, derived from, brought into, or received in, Nigeria.

Incorporation of Companies and Registration of Corporate Organizations in Nigeria

Most businesses and enterprises are pioneered and propelled by natural human beings. However, for the purpose of common interest and expansion, businesses can also be advanced through artificial entities; companies or corporate bodies.

Procedures of economic participation in Nigeria by Chinese Nationals

Nigeria is a heterogenous society with a growing population of over 200Million and modified liberal legal frameworks that now allow foreign participations in the local businesses. The Bilateral trade volume between Nigeria and China has reached over $12.03 billion, this significantly places Nigeria as the number one trading partner to China in Africa. What factors that underpin the various procedures that allow Chinese the opportunity to participate in trade or business is what this exercise undertakes.