Turkey | How Are Court Fees Usually Priced?
Turkey | How Are Court Fees Usually Priced?

Turkey | How Are Court Fees Usually Priced?

How Are Court Fees Usually Priced in Turkey?

Contributed by Emre Aslan, ANTROYA DEBT COLLECTION & LAW OFFICE (English, 中文), Turkey.

The court fees are calculated according to the Act of Fees No.492 and the general communique based on the act.

The court fees are published annually as a tabular, in accordance with the relevant act and the communique.
The court fees are divided as ‘’fixed’’ and ‘’relative’’ fees.

Fixed fees are the type of fees that does not change by the collection amount – such as application fee and provisional seizure fee – and determined by the administration annually.

Relative fees are the type of fees that based on the collection amount and differs case by case.

Most of the cases do not have only one of those fees, mostly both of the fees are calculated by front office of the court and expected to be paid to this office in order to start, proceed and finish the court instance.

Contributor: Emre Aslan


Position/Title: SENIOR LAWYER

Country: Turkey

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