Procedures of economic participation in Nigeria by Chinese Nationals

Nigeria is a heterogenous society with a growing population of over 200Million and modified liberal legal frameworks that now allow foreign participations in the local businesses. The Bilateral trade volume between Nigeria and China has reached over $12.03 billion, this significantly places Nigeria as the number one trading partner to China in Africa. What factors that underpin the various procedures that allow Chinese the opportunity to participate in trade or business is what this exercise undertakes.

Turkey | What Measures Can a Creditor Take if the Debtor Does Not Enforce the Judgment?

During the recognition-enforcement procedure, creditor has the right to demand interlocutory injunction from the authorized court, to seize and freeze the debtor’s movable and immovable assets.

Turkey | Are the Proceedings for the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments the Same as Those for Domestic Judgments?

There is a slight but important difference between enforcement of a domestic judgement and foreign judgement; foreign judgements needs to be evaluated by the court before the execution of the relevant judgement.

Turkey | How Are Local Lawyers Who Provide Legal Services in International Commercial Disputes Usually Charged?

The Turkish Bar Association and the local bar association to which the lawyer is a member annually publishes an attorney fees scale that covers several types of proceedings.

Turkey | How Are the Arbitration Fees Charged by These Arbitral Institutions Usually Priced?

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the fees of the arbitrators shall be agreed between the arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal and the parties, taking into account the amount of the claim, the nature of the dispute and the duration of the arbitration proceedings.

Turkey | Which Courts Usually Have Jurisdiction Over International Commercial Disputes? How Many Times of Appeals Are Allowed in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Commercial Code, and the Law on The Establishment, Duties and Authorities Of Court Of Judicial Jurisdiction And Regional Court, Turkish commercial courts have the jurisdiction over international commercial disputes.