How Is Food Exported From China?
How Is Food Exported From China?

How Is Food Exported From China?

How Is Food Exported From China?

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I. Customs registration for exporting food raw materials for plantations and farms

The corporate organization of the plantations and farms for food export shall handle the registration at the local Customs. The registered entities shall be responsible for the quality and safety of the corresponding export food raw materials.

II. Customs registration for export food manufacturers

Export food manufacturers shall register with Customs and ensure that their food production, packaging, and transportation methods comply with food safety requirements.

III. Supervision applications by food exporters with Customs

Food exporters or agents shall apply to customs for pre-declaration supervision, after which Customs shall make a comprehensive assessment of the goods.

The products that are selected for inspection shall be sampled by Customs on-site. For products that pass inspection, Customs shall issue a certificate and allow them to be exported.

Customs shall notify the exporters or agents of products that do not meet the requirements. If the product is qualified after technical processing, it will be allowed for export; otherwise, it will not be allowed for export.

IV. Export declaration by food exporters to Customs

Food exporters or their agents shall submit export declarations to Customs together with necessary certificates and approval documents such as contracts, invoices, packing lists, and letters of credit.

V. Customs on-site inspection and release

Customs inspection will focus on checking (1) whether the goods name, shipping marks, batch numbers, quantities, specifications, and transportation packaging markings are consistent; (2) whether the product has exceeded the inspection period; and (3) whether the packaging of the goods is in good condition.

Customs will release the products that pass the inspection.

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