What are the functions of China Customs?
What are the functions of China Customs?

What are the functions of China Customs?

What Are the Functions of China Customs?

Contributed by Ms. Zhao Jing, Hylands Law Firm. For more posts about China Customs Affairs, please click here.

The functions of China Customs are to supervise and control the goods and personnel entering and leaving the territory of China.

More specifically, the current functions of China Customs can be summarized as follows:

  • Exercising supervision and control over the means of transport, transport equipment, personnel, goods, luggage, postal items, and other articles entering or leaving the territory
  • Collecting import and export duties and other taxes and fees
  • Working out customs statistics on the trade of import and export goods
  • Combating smuggling
  • Conducting entry-exit health quarantine and entry-exit inspection and quarantine of animals and plants and their products
  • Conducting statutory inspections of and supervision over imports and exports

Under China’s Customs Law, the authority of the Customs mainly covers customs affairs, namely the functions one to four mentioned above.

However, in 2018, China Customs and China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ) were reorganized, and the responsibilities and personnel of CIQ were absorbed by China Customs. Therefore, its authority has also been expanded to the inspection and quarantine in addition to customs affairs, which are the functions five to six mentioned above.

The reorganization comes before China’s Customs Law can be revised. In future revisions, the functions of Customs may be extended to include inspection and quarantine matters.

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