[WEBINAR] Italy-China Debt Collection
[WEBINAR] Italy-China Debt Collection

[WEBINAR] Italy-China Debt Collection

[WEBINAR] Italy-China Debt Collection

Monday, 24 October 2022, 10:00-11:00 Rome Time (GMT+2)/16:00-17:00 Beijing time (GMT+8)

Zoom Webinar (Registration required)

Have you ever wondered how to collect debts in Italy or China?

In a one-hour webinar, Laura Cinicola, Lawyer of KPMG LabLaw (Italy), and Chenyang Zhang, Partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm (China), will share their insights on debt collection in Italy and China. It all comes down to how to make use of the practical strategies, methods, and tools which we will explore together with you.

The webinar is organized by CJO GLOBAL, in cooperation with KPMG LabLaw and Tian Yuan Law Firm.

Webinar Highlights

  • Landscape of debt collection in Italy and China, including amicable debt collection, international commercial debt litigation and enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Toolkits and to-do lists for debt collection in both jurisdictions


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SPEAKERS (in the Agenda’s order)

Laura Cinicola

Lawyer of KPMG LabLaw (Italy)

Laura Cinicola is a Lawyer of KPMG LabLaw (Italy). Her practice focuses on providing both national and international clients counsel on all areas of Italian employment and labour law including company transfers, contracts, detachments, disciplinary procedures, the harmonization of workplace policies (also across borders), employment related litigation, non-competition agreements, and restructurings. She is also extremely well versed in advising both start-ups and established businesses on HR management, corporate protection know-how, and cross-border project management.

Laura is the co-head of the firm’s German Desk – advising German businesses with activities in Italy as well as Italian businesses looking to do business in native German speaking jurisdictions. She graduated at University of Milan, 30.06.2000 (Professor Antonio Gambaro, Private comparative law: Responsibility prospectuses in German and English law) and is authorised to practice law on 21.02.2004. Laura is a member of the Milan Bar Register since 01.04.2004. She is also member of the Italian Employment Lawyers Association (AGI), the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA) and International Bar Association (IBA). Laura speaks and writes excellent German and English. Laura has written and published the following articles: Die “neue” ausserordentliche Kurzarbeit– LinkedIN, October 2018; Die Neuigkeiten des Decreto Dignita’. Ein Todesstoß für die Flexibilität italienischer; Unternehmen– LABLAW Blog, July 2018.

Chenyang Zhang

Partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm (China)

Chenyang Zhang is a partner of Tian Yuan Law Firm. Before joining Tian Yuan, Mr. Zhang worked at King & Wood Mallesons as a lawyer and Yuanhe Partners as a partner respectively. Mr. Zhang has been focusing on cross-border debt collection for almost 10 years. His area of practice includes litigation and arbitration related to international trade and investment, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in China, dissolution and liquidation of enterprises and etc. In addition, Mr. Zhang is experienced in commercial background investigation and evidence collection.

Mr. Zhang’s clients include large-scale Chinese enterprises such as Sinopec, CNOOC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Capital Airport Group, Cinda Investment, as well as trading and investment enterprises from the US, Turkey, Australia, India, Turkey, Brazil, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries or regions. Through negotiation, litigation, arbitration and other means, Mr. Zhang has successfully recovered the debt against companies in Mainland China for plenty of foreign creditors. Focusing on research of private international law, Mr. Zhang obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law from China Foreign Affairs University. Mr. Zhang used to serve as an expert witness on laws of Mainland China in a case heard by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.

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