Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles

Are EVs Prone to Fire?

Despite occasional high-profile incidents, data suggests that electric vehicles (EVs) are not more prone to catching fire than their gasoline counterparts. In fact, in China, which is the world’s largest EV market, the incidence of new energy vehicles catching fire was found to be significantly lower.

Parallel Export: The Transformation of New Cars into Used Cars in Chinese Car Exports

This report examines the practice of “parallel export” in China’s car industry, wherein new cars, especially new energy vehicles, are exported as used cars to bypass manufacturers. While this strategy has driven short-term gains in used car exports, it poses challenges and risks. The report recommends a sustainable and innovative approach for the future development of the industry.

China’s EV Charging Station Manufacturing Industry: Focused on Growth and Global Expansion

As the demand for charging stations continues to rise, the market structure is gradually taking shape. Among the various components, the charging module stands out as the most crucial and technically challenging element, accounting for as much as 41% of the overall value.

Profitable Trend: Chinese EVs Exported as Second-Hand Vehicles

The export of Chinese electric vehicles in the form of second-hand cars has become a trade trend, with parallel export volumes steadily increasing, primarily directed towards Central Asia and the Middle East. However, challenges related to product quality, after-sales services, and localization still need to be addressed.