Month: <span>January 2022</span>
Month: January 2022

Debt Collections in China: Why You Need to Know Enforcement Mechanism in Chinese Courts?

If you get a winning judgment or arbitral award, and the property that can be used to repay debts is located in China, then the first thing you need to know is the enforcement mechanism in the Chinese courts.

How to Sue a Supplier in China: Five Things You Have to Know

There are five things you need to do to get ready: 1) find the legal Chinese name of the Chinese company, 2) decide whether to sue in China, 3) if yes, hire a local Chinese lawyer, 4) evaluate the costs and benefits of litigation, and 5) prepare in advance evidence that Chinese courts would like.

How Do I Get My Money Back From a Chinese Supplier? – Debt Collection in China

If a Chinese supplier commits any default or fraud, there are four measures you can take to get your money back: (1) negotiation, (2) complaint, (3) debt collection, and (4) litigation or arbitration.

Arbitration or Litigation in China: Pros & Cons

If you have a dispute with a Chinese company, would you choose litigation or arbitration in China? Perhaps you should first understand the advantages and disadvantages of litigation and arbitration in China.

How Do I Know if a Company Is Legit in China? – Verification for Free

You need to get a photocopy or a scanned copy of its business license and then check the company’s information in China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

Sue a Company in China: What Evidence Strategy Should You Adopt in a Chinese Court?

You should prepare sufficient documentary evidence prior to filing a lawsuit, preferably provided or presented by the other party. In some cases, you can also rely on the court to collect evidence for you.