Month: <span>October 2021</span>
Month: October 2021

Sue a Company in China: What Documents Do I Need to Prepare to File a Lawsuit in China?

Apart from pleadings and evidence, foreign companies in Chinese courts need to complete a series of formalities, which can sometimes be somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to spare sufficient time and costs to get ready.

Do I Have the Legal Right (Standing) To Sue When a China-Related Trade Dispute Arises?

As long as you are ‘directly affected’ pursuant to Chinese law, you may file a lawsuit with the court. First, you must be directly affected by the defendant. Second, you must be a natural person or a legal entity.

Arbitration vs. Litigation: Which Is Better in Resolving Disputes With Business Partners in China

The most important difference between litigation and arbitration in China is that judges and arbitrators have different ways of thinking.