Judgments and Arbitral Awards Collection
Judgments and Arbitral Awards Collection

Who Pays for Translation and Notarization/Authentication Fees in Enforcement of Foreign Judgments/Awards in China?

The applicant itself may have to bear the cost of translation, notarization, and authentication when applying for enforcement of foreign judgments/awards in China.

English Court Enforces Chinese Judgments, Confirming Double Default Interest

In 2022, the High Court of Justice, UK ruled to enforce two monetary judgments of local Chinese courts, confirming the enforceability of double default interest (Hangzhou Jiudang Asset Management Co Ltd & Anor v Kei [2022] EWHC 3265 (Comm)).

Again! New Zealand Court Enforces Chinese Judgment

In 2023, the High Court of New Zealand ruled to enforce a judgment of a Beijing local court, marking the second time that a Chinese court monetary judgment has been recognized and enforced in New Zealand (BIN v SUN [2023] NZHC 436).

Will Foreign Default Judgments Be Enforced in China?|Service of Process and Foreign Judgment Enforcement Series (5)

Yes, as long as the summons was properly served upon the defendant in China.

China Recognizes Another German Bankruptcy Judgment in 2023

In 2023, a local court in Beijing ruled to recognize a German bankruptcy judgment in In re DAR (2022), marking the second time that Chinese courts have recognized German bankruptcy judgments, and the first time the de jure reciprocity – a new liberal test-being used in the enforcement of foreign judgments in China.