Trade Contracts Templates and Drafting

Trade Contracts Templates and Drafting

Trade Contracts Templates and Drafting

If you make a transaction with a company whose assets are mainly in China, you’d better enter into a transaction contract that can be executed in China. We can provide you with such contract templates, as well as customized contract drafting and review services.

1. Request the services

If you need services, or if you wish to share your story, you can contact our Client Manager Susan Li (susan.li@chinajusticeobserver.com).

2. Service Introduction

a) Contract Templates: USD 98 per copy

There is no contract template that can be applied to any transaction perfectly. But not everyone can afford a customized contract. A well-drafted contract template is better than a contract searched for by yourself or provided by your Chinese partner.

Our contract template was drafted jointly by Chinese legal professionals and Chinese cross-border trade practitioners. It can meet nearly all primary needs in most cases.

After you purchase each contract template, you can not only use the template in any transaction, but also get our updated versions of the template for free permanently.

b) Contract Drafting and Review: Hourly rates

If you need a contract that is fully compatible with your transaction, or even if you need assistance in contract negotiations with a Chinese company, we can provide you with these services.

If you have purchased our contract template before this service, the template cost can be offset by the drafting and review fee.

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